Key Persons

Key Persons

Supervised by leading experts in architecture,
industrial design and cuisine.

This supreme journey has been designed by experts who are leaders in their fields. The exceptional skills of these highly rated artisans are apparent in the interior design, the train exterior and the magnificent cuisine, all of which form part of the pleasure of the train journey.

The cuisine is overseen by top-class chefs, who bring their culture, traditions and distinctive philosophies to the world.

Planned by Takeshi KADOKAMI and overseen by top-class chefs, dishes contain an extravagant variety of ingredients from along the route, and are made on board.

Yoshihiro MURATA of Kikunoi strives to popularize washoku (Japanese cuisine), which is recognized by UNESCO as an Intangible Cultural Heritage, across Japan and the world. Hajime YONEDAof Hajime expresses his grand world view through his culinary creations with uncompromising dedication. These chefs draw on their experience, wisdom and skill to deliver the very best of West Japan’s rich cuisine.

Even more expert chefs, from the Sanin and Sanyo regions, are to join MIZUKAZE in the future. The unique cuisine of MIZUKAZE is one more thing to look forward to.